Can I use my custom wp-login with SSO SAML ADSF

  • marco
    # 1 month ago

    Hi everybody,
    can I use my custom login page with this plugin?

    The website is restrict for only subscribers (and admins) and I would like
    to use my custom login page with two possibility:

    – button with: Login like agent (with SSO)
    – login with your email and password (only for admins)

    Thank you,

    Gaurav Singh
    # 1 month ago

    Hi Marco,

    You can use the shortcode [MO_SAML_FORM] on your custom login page.
    This will add a SSO link on the page.
    If you’re looking for a SSO button to add on the wp-login page, this feature is almost ready and will be available soon in the premium version of the plugin.


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