• Christoffer
    # 10 months ago

    Hello, we would love to purchase both premium and to add ons to single sign on and directory sync add on from your plugin however. when under “Choose Your Licensing Plan” inside the plugin in wp. We get a Error Request when trying to log in.

    I have written to your mail a couple of times without any response so please give us an answer soon.

    Thank yoou

    Gaurav Sood
    # 10 months ago

    Hi Christoffer,

    Apologies for that. It seems that this got lost in the mail chain. Can you share a screenshot here of the error message that you are seeing? We will be able to get that to work so you can proceed with the purchase.

    # 9 months, 4 weeks ago

    Me neither…

    After I make a little change in the plugin, changing the redirect URL, weird things happen when you try to log in, and their logo appear below the social login, even when I have the premium plugin and try to deselect it from MiniOrange Plugin

    What happen now with the plugin?
    Im so worried…

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