Customizing titles on login popup window

  • Rogher
    # 11 months ago


    How can I customize titles on login popup window. I’d like to change text and i.e. size (the main title is to big and it is cutted at the top of its view).

    Also I’m wondering how to remove info “No apps configured. Please contact your administrator” when I don’t want to use social icons.


    # 11 months ago


    Thank you for reaching out to us.

    From your description, we are not able to get about which pop-up window and title you are talking about. If possible please share the screenshot of it.

    You want to remove “No apps configured. Please contact your administrator” message then you can disable Default Login Form and Default registration Form display options from the Display Options section in the plugin.

    For the further queries, please reach out to us at


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