Help to understanding the logic of two sites or more sharing the single sign on

  • Mario
    # 5 months ago


    I would appreciate a guide on this

    I have no previous experience in Single sign one concepts, I explain my case, I have two sites in joomla, both sites are required to share the authorization form and once authorized they get the session so that for example logging in to the site1 when going to site2 the session is enabled.

    I have managed to install and configure the joomla plugin on the site1 and I have configured miniorange as an identity provider following the guidelines

    Guide To Configure Joomla SAML Single Sign On (SSO)

    Guide for Joomla SAML Single Sign On (SSO) using miniOrange as IdP

    What should be done now on site2?

    Where would the origin of user data be?

    Greetings and thanks for your comments

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