I can\’t access my website as admin anymore after installing MiniOrange plugin

  • Anoh NYAMKE
    # 8 months, 3 weeks ago

    Hello, after installing MiniOrange plugin for OTP Verification codes on my website (WordPress), I have tried to Login as Admin but unsuccessfully! here is the message i received:
    Code de sécurité ← Retour
    Une erreur est survenue dans lenvoi du Code de Vérification OTP. Veuillez entrer une adresse e-mail valide ou contactez nous sil vous plaît.

    While I have received many times OTP Codes from MiniOrange in my email but I can’t use them to finalize my login. Can someboby help me?

    # 8 months, 3 weeks ago

    Hi Anoh,

    It looks like you have run out of Email Transactions.
    Please Note that the free plugin ships with 10 free EMAIL and 10 free SMS transactions.

    To get back access to the WordPress admin,
    you will have to disable the plugin. Please follow these steps:

    1- Goto your site host provider (FTP/ cPanel).
    2- Select your site instance then go to \wp-content\plugins directory.
    3- Search miniorange-otp-verification under the plugins folder.
    4- Delete or rename the miniorange-otp-verification directory. This will disable the plugin.
    5- Login into your site using your admin credentials.

    You will have to upgrade to one of our plans in order to continue using our service.
    For more information about our plans please click here

    If you have further any query then please feel free drop us an email at otpsupport@miniorange.com.

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