Invalid response received in Joomla OAUth

  • Jare
    # 11 months ago


    Abuout Joomla OAuth plugin

    We did setup Miniorange OAuth plugin in Joomla and want to setup with Azure.
    But we will receive error message with text: “Invalid response received”.

    We did set up:

    Client ID: xxxxxx
    Secret: xxxxxx
    Authorize Endpoint:…./oauth2/v2.0/authoriz
    Access token:…/oauth2/v2.0/token
    Userinfo Endpoint:
    Attribuute mappings:
    email attribute: mail
    First name: givenname

    But still will have error message:

    Invalid response received.

    Looked guides in online and foorum, but did net get answer. Hopefully you can help us out.



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