Is Single Sign-On (SSO) possible in Shopify Store(non plus) through SAML/OAuth ?

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    If possible than please suggest me solution.

    Eswar Ramisetti
    # 1 year, 10 months ago

    Yes. Until today Single Sign-On (SSO) was possible for Shopify stores of Plus Users only and if you remove your SSO between stores and see, it affects your business. But now miniOrange made it easy by enabling Single Sign-On(SSO) experience to Non-Plus store users and they can access their Shopify Store with their existing IdP credentials.

    We provide SSO in Shopify non plus version as well from websites to applications i.e SSO without Multipass. For using SAML and OAuth protocol you need to either create a custom app for your store or you can create a public app as well. In that app you need to create endpoints which can act as Service Provider(SP) and then you need to configure IDP according to Service Provider(SP) endpoints you developed.

    It’s a tough thing to implement. Instead you can use our Shopify SSO App in which you can integrate any protocol like SAML, OAuth, OpenID, LDAP, CAS, Radius etc. Along with this you have the option of Risk Based Authentication and Multi Factor Authentication which includes OTP login etc making it more comprehensive and restrictive in a cost efficient manner

    Contact us at if you need any help with Shopify SSO

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