Issues with logging in/registration after WordPress plugin update

  • Gary
    # 2 years, 5 months ago

    I’ve recently upgraded a WordPress website from the miniorange-2-factor-authentication plugin to the new miniorange-2-factor-authentication-premium` plugin.

    I’m now having issues with all users except 1 not being able to login.

    When I attempt to login with a username and password I get a message saying:
    >A new security system has been enabled to better protect your account. Please configure your Two-Factor Authentication method by setting up your account.

    After attempting to register a new account, after receiving and inputting the OTP, I get this error message regardless of which email address I attempt to use:
    >The email is already used by other user. Please register with other email by clicking on Back button.

    Does anyone know the cause, or is anyone experiencing the same issue?


    # 2 years, 5 months ago

    Hi Gary,

    Thank You for reaching out.

    As from the message, it seems some have used your email. And from the popup for registration, it looks like there is some database mismatch. Can you contact us on the same email where you were asked to migrate.

    We can take a look at it.

    Thank You,

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