Mini Orange Lazy Initialization For SSO Sign In Page

  • Matthew Evers
    # 1 year, 8 months ago


    It appears that MiniOrange lazy initializes the SSO Sign In page.
    Whenever I start the MiniOrange server, the SSO Sign In pages don’t work until I go to the admin panel sign in page. I don’t have to sign into the admin panel It appears that simply accessing that page is enough to get the SSO Sign In page to start working.

    When the SSO Sign In page isn’t working, the browser sits for a long time trying to load the SSO Sign In page (presumeably because the server is slow to respond) until an error message (10030) is returned.

    My current set up is using an Azure LDAP User Store with an External App (React). I set up the configuration like here (

    Gaurav Sood
    # 1 year, 4 months ago

    Hi Matthew,

    I believe you are using the on-premise IdP. Can you share the URL you need to go to in order to restart the SSO process?

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