miniOrange Kerberos Confluence. kerberoserror=user_not_found

  • Andreas Eide
    # 8 months, 4 weeks ago

    I have tried to set up a trial license of the miniOrange Kerberos authentication plugin for our Confluence site, but I’m not able to log on with it.

    Debug log:
    2019-10-15 09:41:28,196 DEBUG [https-jsse-nio-] [miniorange.kerberos.Servlet.MoKerberosLoginServlet] doGet MoKerberosLoginServlet doGet called.
    2019-10-15 09:41:28,197 DEBUG [https-jsse-nio-] [miniorange.kerberos.Servlet.MoKerberosLoginServlet] doGet confluenceUser : null
    2019-10-15 09:41:28,198 DEBUG [https-jsse-nio-] [miniorange.kerberos.Servlet.MoKerberosLoginServlet] doGet Kerberos : Remote username: null
    2019-10-15 09:41:28,198 DEBUG [https-jsse-nio-] [miniorange.kerberos.Servlet.MoKerberosLoginServlet] doGet Kerberos : Remote Username: null
    2019-10-15 09:41:28,199 DEBUG [https-jsse-nio-] [miniorange.kerberos.Servlet.MoKerberosLoginServlet] doGet redirectUrl :
    2019-10-15 09:41:28,200 DEBUG [https-jsse-nio-] [miniorange.kerberos.Servlet.MoKerberosLoginServlet] doGet confluenceUser before calling authoriseUserAndEstablishSession: null
    2019-10-15 09:41:28,200 DEBUG [https-jsse-nio-] [miniorange.kerberos.Servlet.MoKerberosLoginServlet] doGet Calling redirectToLoginWithKerberosError(
    2019-10-15 09:41:28,201 DEBUG [https-jsse-nio-] [miniorange.kerberos.Servlet.MoKerberosLoginServlet] redirectToLoginWithKerberosError Authentication failed.
    2019-10-15 09:41:28,202 DEBUG [https-jsse-nio-] [miniorange.kerberos.Servlet.MoKerberosLoginServlet] redirectToLoginWithKerberosError Redirecting user to

    do I have to set the principal name to as that is my confluence address?
    the confluence server address is but my internal domain is
    Does this complicate settings for this plugin?

    Yours Andreas Eide

    # 8 months, 4 weeks ago

    Hi Andreas,

    Thanks for reaching out to us.

    This seems like an configuration issue, it could be while setting up the plugin configurations or while deploying files to tomcat.
    This is the reason you’re getting user not found error on login.

    If Confluence Server Address is then your Service Principal Name would be

    Follow keytab file generation procedure provided in the plugin.
    Copy .keytab file created on AD Domain Controller (DC) and deploy it on “confluence_home/conf/” directory.

    Once everything is setup successfully. Restart your Confluence Server and try login.

    Let me know if this helps.


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