OpenID Connect – How to set up Implicit flow against Identiserver4

  • Christian Toftegaard
    # 10 months, 1 week ago

    We’re trying to set up a wordpress that allows authentication using OpenID connect against an implementation of IdentityServer4 (

    I got the following details from the identityprovider and have set up the miniOrange Oauth Client plugin accordingly (obfuscated, I don’t want anyone snooping around if everything isn’t set up properly :):
    “ClientId”: “****”,
    “ClientName”: “****”,
    “ClientSecret”: “****”,
    “AllowedGrantTypes”: “implicit”,
    “RedirectUris”: [ “****” ],
    “PostLogoutRedirectUris”: [ “****” ],
    “AllowedScopes”: [ “openid”, “profile”, “****” ],

    When I test the configuration I get the following response from identityserver4:
    Sorry, there was an error : invalid_request

    In the log on the identityserver they get:
    Client requested access token – but client is not configured to receive access tokens via browser
    “response_type”: “token”

    They want me to somehow change the requested response_type to id_token but I’m not sure if this is correct or how to do this.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

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