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    How does Oracle EBS SSO Work with Active Directory(AD)?

    # 8 months, 2 weeks ago

    Oracle EBS Single Sign-On (SSO) with Active Directory works in the following manner:-

    1. Firstly the User sends the request to access the Oracle E-Business Suite.
    2. Oracle EBS redirects the request to SSO Connector for authentication.
    3. The Connector redirects the user to the respective IDP.
    4. IDP prompts the user to enter their credentials.
    5. The IDP sends the user’s credentials to the AD (Active Directory) for authentication.
    6. The Active Directory authenticates and sends responses with the confirmation.
    7. The IDP sends the username/email to the connector.
    8. The connector checks the value of the username/email received from IDP against the EBS Database.
    9. After successful authentication, the user is redirected to the Oracle E-Business Suite portal as a logged-in user.

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