Single sign-on for Oracle EBS

  • pratik.kumar7500
    # 10 months, 4 weeks ago

    Is it possible to Integrate Oracle EBS SSO with Microsoft ADFS?

    # 10 months, 3 weeks ago

    Oracle EBS (E-Business Suite) can be easily integrated with Microsoft Active Directory Federated Services – ADFS, which are deployed on on-premise servers or in Microsoft Azure – Azure ADFS. miniOrange acts as a gateway between Microsoft ADFS services and Oracle EBS. Here miniOrange would be registered as a dependent Party in ADFS and Oracle EBS would be given the responsibility to interact with miniOrange. When a user logs in to EBS, the user is redirected to miniOrange, which in turn sends the user to ADFS Authentication. ADFS would either do Kerberos/Windows Native Authentication or form-based login based on its configuration. Upon successful authentication, the User is sent back to Oracle EBS Home Page.

    However, if your company or organization has got a Microsoft ADFS SSO solution, then you would enable ADFS SSO for Oracle products as well. miniOrange offers a simplified and flexible solution to fill this gap. miniOrange would act as a gateway between Microsoft ADFS and Oracle EBS to complete the SSO Login Process.

    Contact us at if you need any help with Oracle EBS SSO.

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