SSO Drupal with Azure AD

  • Dave Folan
    # 9 months ago


    We’ve got your module up and running on our client site and the login functionality, role mapping and user data mapping is configured correctly.

    I just had a question, is there functionality to push users to Drupal from Azure? So at the moment it looks like the account is created on the fly when a user tries to login. I’m hoping there’s functionality where from AAD they’re able to push users into Drupal. So that the accounts are added automatically ahead of the user trying to login.

    If it helps the use case for this is: We have a Staff profile section on the site and some of the data we want to use in it would come from AAD and the data mapping functionality, but we don’t want all 500 staff members to have to login to the site to have the users in there.


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