Using miniOrange connect ROR Doorkeeper for SSO mechanism

  • William
    # 1 week, 6 days ago

    Hi, I have a question about using miniOrange connect ROR Doorkeeper for implementing SSO mechanism.

    I saw the article was talking how to implement SSO with ROR doorkeeper.

    Single Sign-On for WordPress using Doorkeeper

    But here is some confused points that I wanted to figure out:

    Here is my ROR doorkeeper setting,
    1. Ruby version: 2.6.5
    2. Rails version: 6.0.3
    3. gem doorkeeper version: 5.4.0
    4. gem devise version: 4.7.2

    I used doorkeeper gem with devise gem to set the member authorization and processing members emails validation and password encrypted.
    Also, Creating access token server and clients sending access token to ask requests server are the same.

    5. Here is my doorkeeper initializers setting:

    resource_owner_authenticator do
        current_user || warden.authenticate!(:scope => :user)

    So here is my questions:

    When I created an new doorkeeper application for miniOrange,
    1. Do I need to set any scope value?
    2. Do I need to set any redirect URI or not?
    3. Do I need select the Confidential value or not?

    For miniOrange setting:
    4. Are “authorize endpoint”, “Access token endpoint”, and “Get user info endpoint” using doorkeeper default route, right?

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