what details do i fill in for oauth client plugin?

  • Tristan Bailey
    # 8 months, 2 weeks ago


    The oauth plugin leaves boxes for keys and settings free entry, when I install it, should i fill think in with my own random strings or get them from another server.

    (I tried installing the joomla oauth server, and now it is broken as a table did not get created by the extension )


    Tristan Bailey
    # 8 months, 2 weeks ago

    1146 – Table ‘auction1.#__miniorange_oauth_client’ doesn’t exist

    # 8 months, 2 weeks ago

    Hi Tristan,

    It looks like Joomla OAuth Server plugin wasn’t installed properly.
    Please follow below mentioned steps to uninstall the plugin and install it again.

    Uninstalling the plugin:
    1) In the Joomla Admin console, Goto Extensions –> Manage –> Manage.
    2) Search for ‘miniorange’ in the search box
    3) Select all the extensions listed and click on uninstall (make sure you only installed Joomla OAuth Server plugin).
    4) After uninstalling please install the plugin again.

    For Installing
    1) Goto Extensions –> Manage –> Install.
    2) Select Upload Package File and choose the Joomla OAuth server plugin file and install.
    3) Then Goto Extensions –> Manage –> Manage.
    4) Search for ‘miniorange’ in the search box
    5) Enable the extensions present in the list.

    Let me know if you still face any issues.

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