authentication staus polling URL?

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    # 1 month ago

    Hello everyone,

    I am trying to perform an MFA – PUSH NOTIFICATIONS using the miniOrange API, as described in this documentation:

    The challenge part succeeds, and I get a response like the following when I call the url

    { txId: 'e02791a5-136c-11ef-a829-021bb5e3269b',
       authType: 'PUSH NOTIFICATIONS',
       responseType: 'CHALLENGE',
       phoneDelivery: { contact: null, sendStatus: null, sendTime: null },
        { contact: 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx',
          sendStatus: null,
          sendTime: null },
       status: 'SUCCESS',
       message: 'We have sent a PUSH to your phone. Please approve to continue.' }

    And also the push notification reaches the phone, so up to this point everything is ok.

    The problem comes in the verification part. The documentation indicates that:
    To check if user has accepted the push notification, you need to call authentication status polling API.

    But the URL of the authentication status polling API is not anywhere. There’s just a brief reference in a code sample that says something like this:

    var timeout;
    function pollValidation()
    var transId = “<transaction Id generated by challenge API>”;
    var jsonString = “{\”txId\”:\””+ transId + “\”}”;
    var postUrl = “<authentication status API url>”;
    … }

    But the url is also not in the code.

    I have tried with the validation URL:
    but without valid result.

    Please can someone indicate which is the correct URL for authentication status polling API?

    Thanks in advance

    # 3 weeks, 3 days ago

    To poll for the Push Notification status, please call the below API using POST method:
    You need to send the transaction ID returned by the /auth/challenge API in the request body

    The API will provide a response in this format:
    {txId:"b3c4e388-18ef-11ef-861d-021bb5e3269b",responseType:"AUTH_STATUS",status:"IN_PROGRESS",message:"Validation is in progress."}

    Once the request is approved, the polling API will return the status SUCCESS instead of IN_PROGRESS

    We will update the document with correct polling URL shortly. Feel free to reach out to me at if you face any further issues.

    # 3 weeks, 3 days ago

    Greetings, thanks a lot for the API url link.

    Our MFA – PUSH NOTIFICATIONS through API are already working like a charm.

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