Conflict with WPBakery

  • Keith
    # 4 years, 2 months ago


    I’m having an issue with WPBakery after I activated the Social Login plugin. It seems that on the pages where I used WPBakery, the text has disappeared. To be specific in any areas where I used WPBakery’s Text block. No longer appears on the front-end of my site. I was able to work-around the issue by switching the Text Blocks with Raw HTML blocks. Any idea where I should start to debug this issue?

    # 4 years, 2 months ago

    Hi Keith,

    We tried to add a text block with WPBakery on our local site and we did not face the same issue with Social Login plugin. Could you add a screenshot to show what is happening?

    If you want to debug this, you can try to deactivate all your plugins one at a time to find out if there is another plugin which is the cause of the conflict.

    You can also contact us on, in case you want to get on a call to look into this further.

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