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    I think we got confused by the Social Login Premium feature list on the purchase page.

    We’re looking to allow existing WordPress users to link their Steam account to their account with us, and upon doing so give that user a role in WordPress.

    The “Premium” tier feature list mentions Role Mapping, but I cannot find any option or tab in the settings menu that allows for role mapping.

    Additionally, we have an existing account page which we want to include link/unlink buttons on. Is there a way to get the link/unlink URL for a particular set up service? This way we can use the URLs to create a custom shortcode (or just regular buttons in the profile page) for Steam.

    Finally, is there a way to get a username or some information from the connected Steam account? Generally we show the username of the linked account when connected, and “Not Connected” when disconnected. Any advice on this would be great, thank you.

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