Issue with NameID

  • Ryan Gates
    # 5 years ago

    So I am having an issue where ADFS is no longer passing Name ID back to the plugin. Getting an error saying its missing. It was working before I updated to the latest version of the plugin. Using Windows Server 2016 ADFS. Below is the error I get when I do the test config from the plugin:

    Error: Missing NameID or EncryptedID in SAML Response.

    Please contact your administrator and report the following error:

    Possible Cause: NameID not found in SAML Response subject.

    Any help to fix this issue is much appreciated.

    Rushin Tilva
    # 5 years ago

    Hi Rayn,

    As confirmed on the email, you did not have the email field set in AD which caused the issue. Also, users created in the past 3 months did not have this field set.

    I hope this is working for you now. Let me know if we can help with anything else.

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