• Chery Spark
    # 5 years, 3 months ago

    Is there any way Shopify can terminate an existing session of users in store when they log in from another browser or different device so that only one user is allowed to log in with the same email address?

    # 5 years, 3 months ago

    Yes, miniOrange provides a way to restrict the validity of session cookies of an end user’s session in Shopify stores.In addition to Single Sign-On (SSO) Solution provided by miniOrange for both Shopify Plus and Non-Plus Stores.

    An authenticated session tracks the status of a client who is “signed in” to your Store. A session identifier (ID) is provided to the entity once they are logged in. Here our session id tracks the record of the active user and is stored in the form of memory. This helps to approve the authentication for the sessions trying to get authorized. This ensures that Adaptive Authentication is successfully implemented.

    IP Restriction is one such method in fraud prevention to restrict access within a network. Click here to check an example to restrict access to Google Apps.

    So with this seamless adaptive Single Sign-On (SSO) we enable users to access the Shopify Stores and protect you from danger session management hazard techniques.

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