How do I enable 2 factor authentication for user connecting to the companies WiFi ?

  • anukasha
    # 3 years ago

    Hi There,

    You can easily set-up Two Factor Authentication(TFA) / 2FA for users connecting to companies WIFI portal by using Captive Portal login. We do provide 2-Factor Authentication(2FA) on connection to WIFI. Your users need to enter their username and password which can be in any IDP/AD/Database.
    After this they will be prompted with the configured second Factor Authentication(2FA) method.

    It will allow you to block Internet access for all users until they complete their authentication. This helps you in securing your network, protecting your users and collecting customer data simultaneously.

    We do provide 15+ authentication methods including OTP Over SMS, OTP Over Email, Google authenticator, etc.

    Please send us a query at / so that we can help you in setting up 2FA for your WIFI.

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